Piece Of The Week: Blaze Horned Dab Bubbler

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blaze horned bubbler

Blaze Horned Bubbler


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This bubbler can’t NOT be mentioned, if nothing else for the ridiculously low price-point. For $50 you can BUY THIS PIECE HERE, and be one VERY satisfied customer.

Blaze Horned Bubbler

It is a bubbler for CONCENTRATES, please don’t buy this thinking that you’re going to throw your flower in this piece.

As you can see it’s beautifully crafted, with some sweet ass horns on it. From what I’ve seen you can get it in two different colors. I personally think the other color is trash… just pick blue.

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Smoking out of this guy is legit. It’s a little over 7 and a half inches tall, even though it looks bigger in photos. If you’re in need of a travel bubbler, pick this one. The way that they designed it makes it really easy to control. Assuring that you’re not fumbling around, and don’t have to concentrate too much on taking your rip. The nail is surprisingly thick, I feel like I could drop it over and over again and wouldn’t be pissed too much.

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I personally smoked this little bubbler in chicago recently on a trip for a festival. It looks sooo pretty in the sunlight. I had to ask the dude what it was called, and after about an hour of searching I finally found it. I hope that you guys enjoy it as much as I. Ever since Nevada went legal with all things Mary Jane, mine has gotten more than a fair share of action.

There’s not a lot more to say about the BLAZE BUBBLER, other than it’s fuckin’ dope. It will quickly take care of all your dabbing needs. Take care and stay high.

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