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lexi cloud 9 goddess

Lexi is a super chill girl. She’s smart, sexy, and hilarious. She loves to smoke, and isn’t afraid to show off her body. Her modeling photos are super entertaining to look at, and you can tell that she has a very creative mind. With her tall and sexy body, along with her awesome tattoos, we had no problem naming her Cloud 9 Goddess. Read on and see what’s so special about this chick. 

SJ: Sir Jake @sirr_jake

L: Lexi @lexiroth789


Age: 26

Height: 5’8″

College: Purdue University

Current City: Cincinnati, OH

Photos Taken By: Lightrunner Images, Artlink Models, Werner Lobert

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lexi cloud 9 goddesslexi cloud 9 goddesslexi cloud 9 goddess



SJ: Lexi what’s your favorite strain of weed right now?

L: Sativa, Girl Scout Cookie to be exact.lexi cloud 9 goddess

SJ: What do you like smoking out of usually?

L: Usually bongs.

SJ: I agree with that. When did you start smoking bud?

L: When I was 21, I was a late bloomer.

SJ: Right on, what’s your favorite time of year?

L: Fall definitely. 

SJ: I see you have some dope tattoos. How many do you have, and which is your favorite?

L: I have 12. The one on my rib cage is favorite. It’s an owl piece, but I also love the one on my head. It’s lyrics from a band called affiance.lexi cloud 9 goddess

SJ: Nice, I love all of them! Are you a dog or cat person?

L: Dog, I have 2 of them, rat terriers.

war mech rig cloud 9 goddess

SJ: Cool cool. If you could live anywhere other than the states right now, where would you move to?

L: Probably Italy.


lexi cloud 9 goddessSJ: Whats the most interesting thing about you?

L: That’s tough. I can sing, dance, act, do photography… i know how develop film. I’m a special effects make up artist, I write poems. I’m a Jack of all trades. 

SJ: What did you want to be when you were growing up? 

L: I wanted to be a lawyer, because I was really good at winning with words and getting my way.

SJ: Do you have any crazy talents? 

L: I’m double jointed all over my body, especially in my shoulders. Also I can swirl around a baton.

SJ: Favorite food?

L: Grilled chicken alfredo.

SJ: Favorite munchie?

L: Doritos! Or those keebler elf cookies, with a giant glass of milk.lexi cloud 9 goddess

SJ: Have to ask, how many girls have you made out with?

L: Probably just 2.

SJ: Are you on team boyshorts or Thongs

L: Thongs.

SJ: What are you like when you’re high?

L: I’m an observer. So I get pretty quiet and just like to look, and see things going on around me. But if we are talking about science then I can talk for hours.lexi cloud 9 goddess

SJ: 3 things that you look for in a guy.

L: Motivation or drive, sense of humor, and a nice smile.

SJ: So who’s your celebrity crush?

L: Ryan Reynolds.

SJ: You’re stranded on an island and have to pick between music or weed.

L: Weed.

SJ: Okay last thing, tell us about a memorable time when you were stoned.

L: We were all smoking hookah and weed at my friends house, in the garage. We just had the hookah on the floor and everyone was sitting around it. Someone got up and went to do something, hit the hookah, and it crashed on the carpet and the coals went everywhere. Immediately fucked the carpet. We were so high and were trying to figure out what we were going to do because my friends parents were going to kill us. So it’s super quiet and we’re just standing there, out of nowhere my friend John said in a Scottish accent, “What are you doing?!”. So it’s been an inside joke every sense. Every time someone does something awkward I always say that.

SJ: Thanks Lexi for dropping in and sharing your experiences! 

Tangie Strain Cloud 9 goddess

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