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penguin bowl cloud 9 goddess
Cloud 9 Goddess Score

The Penguin Bowl is hilarious, and practical all at the same time. You can buy it HERE. There’s really nothing special functionality wise, but that’s not why we chose it as the piece of the week. Obviously it’s hard to keep a straight face when you first see this thing. It would make a great gift for anyone that smokes. The one I smoked out of was actually a gift for someone’s Easter party, which yes I agree… is strange, and cool at the same time. penguin bowl cloud 9 goddess

The Penguin Bowl is easy as hell to tote around. It’s barely bigger than a lighter, and it’s got a decent sized bowl. The carb and the curvature of this piece makes it really simple to use. As long as you have hands then you’ll be happy to keep this little gem as a daily smoking piece. The glass is decently thick and you can tell that it will take the appropriate amount of punishment that will naturally occur with a bowl like this.

lina cloud 9 goddess
Cloud 9 Goddess Lina From UNLV Interview

There isn’t too much clear glass, so it keeps its shiny new look for quite a while. If you’re a ruff n tuff type of person then you’ll appreciate not having to worry, and be delicate with the penguin.

The price you pay for the Penguin Bowl is little to nothing. At the date of this article you can snag it up for about $40, which is well worth the constant giggles.

beast bong cloud 9 goddess
The Beast Bong

Once you get this piece then make sure to come back and comment to let us know how you like it. You can check out our previous pieces of the week HERE, and check out the Cloud 9 Goddesses HERE. We can only hope that everyone enjoys this little piece as much as we did. Happy smoking and see you next time.


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