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War Mech Rig

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Ok, if you wanna just buy this awesome rig now you can go HERE and get it. For the second week in a row we are picking a dab rig, well deal with it cuz this one is dope.

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You’ll be fully equipped with the War Mech Rig, it comes with the glass nail, dome, and opal add-on. You can see just right off the bat why we decided to make this little guy the Piece Of The Week. Despite looking massive in pictures this rig is 5 inches of really, really, really thick, and beautiful glass. With obvious influence from pop-culture, the War Mech Rig is made in good ole’ California by the guys at Empire Glassworks.war mech rig

Sporting a 10mm male joint, and a female oil dome, this rig will deliver everything you need in a daily concentrate smoking device. There’s a nifty inline perc in this piece, and it works wonders.

The colorful aspect of this piece almost immediately makes you want to second guess how it will actually hit, but then you take that first inhale and change your mind before you can exhale. Don’t let the beauty distract you. If you were to hit this with your eyes closed then you would instantly decide that you need this piece in your life before you even see it.

The looks alone though are absolutely stunning. The War Mech Rig, is something that you almost wanna walk downtown with just to show people. Soon enough my friends, soon enough.

The only thing that I wish Empire did differently with this piece was make the legs a flat surface. Even though this thing is made from some of the thickets glass I have ever felt, it still can get a bit sketchy with the legs being circular. If you place the rig on a surface that tips to even the slightest degree then you can almost guarantee that it’s taking a dive straight to the floor.

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Other than that, there’s really not much to say. Just get it, and make all of your friends jealous. Check out our previous Pieces Of The Week HERE. Also, don’t leave without seeing our Cloud 9 Goddesses and Strains Of The Week. See ya next time, and happy smoking.

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