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Tangie Strain Cloud 9 Goddess


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Tangie is the favorite strain of our Cloud 9 Goddess Angela Mazzanti, so we had to review it and see what it’s all about. When you do your

angela mazzanti cloud 9 goddess
Angela Mazzanti, Cloud 9 Goddess Interview

research on this strain, it becomes very clear that it’s a Sativa champion. Back in 2013 Tangie took 1st place in the Hightimes Cannabis Cup, held in Amsterdam. It’s  a very popular hint that it’s a sort of remake of Tangerine Dream, as it does have a lot of it’s attributes. Without being overly scientific, Tangie is a cross between California Orange, and Skunk. It’s said to have been originated in 1995, and has obviously taken off ever since.

You can really smoke this beauty out of anything. Personally I would go with a recycle rig like the Typhoon. That will help to make sure you’re getting all that you can get out of Tangie, and it’s super smooth.

Typhoon Bong
Typhoon Spiral Recycle

If you know someone who smokes this strain, you may hear them say that it’s a sleeper. People report that it does take about 10-15 minutes after smoking to get the full effect, which to many may seem ridiculous. Don’t worry though, it’s definitely worth the brief wait.

When you do get the brilliant high that is Tangie, you will most likely feel a bit more alive, and clear-headed. I would personally recommend this strain for active or creative types. It is definitely good for sitting down and watching the latest action flick, but I would personally rather do something physical, or use my mental power with

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this high. Anxiety and depression patients are definitely on the list of people that I would shove this bud towards. If you pass a random person a joint full of Tangie, they are guaranteed to have a good day.

As for the taste, it’s just as you would expect. It’s well known that there’s a citrus, or cheesy orange smell attached to this strain. Depending on what you’re using to smoke it, obviously. The taste is second to none. It’s rare that I like an aftertaste from anything, but Tangie leaves the tongue with a slight kiss of amazingness when you exhale.

The strain isn’t the prettiest of them all. But you can definitely stare at Tangie for a while under a magnifying glass and be entertained. It’s pretty well grown outdoors, and is currently popular mostly in Oregon, Washington, and California.

Feel free to check out our other strains of the week HERE. Also our pieces of the week HERE. This strain is a favorite of Cloud 9 Goddess Angela Mazzanti, but you can check out all of the Cloud 9 Goddesses HERE. Don’t forget to put your vote for this strain, and follow us on insta @cloud9goddess, and Happy Smoking!

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