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What to say about the town of Pirates…

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The smoking scene in Greenville, NC is super unique. If you’ve never been to the south and you go to Greenville, this place isn’t exactly what you would expect. There are surprisingly more people that smoke weed, and even though there is a definite presence of country life, it’s not the deep woods hillbilly area that it may sound like. East Carolina University is a super cool area to hangout, and North Carolina people are by far some of my favorite people in the country. If you know anyone from there then I’m willing to bet that they are pretty open to conversation and aren’t pretentious at all. They say the people make the place and when it comes to a place that makes for chill 420 friends, greenville is a pretty sweet spot to spark up. Enough about the people, lets talk marijuana.

The ECU pirate
The ECU pirate

To be completely honest I think the quality that I saw was lacking. “Good weed” is getting less and less subjective as the time goes on. I think people nowadays at least are well aware of the difference between good stuff and bricks. There are a lot of grows that happen in NC, and they do put out a lot of good stuff, but as a visitor I didn’t find it quite so easily. With a little hard work and perseverance though, rest assured you will find an abundance of good stuff. Just be prepared to be let down a few times. The strain that I surprisingly saw a lot of while I was there was Skywalker OG. If you want details you can go here and read the review on this strain, but I won’t really go deep into it here. I’ve seen Skywalker OG hanging around a lot on the west coast, and I’m a fan because it’s a pretty good sativa hybrid, but it was definitely unexpected. As trends usually take awhile to get from west to east coast I guess I expected to see white widow, or AK strains or something. There is definitely knowledge of strains and bud in NC.

Skywalker OG
Skywalker OG

Greenville being a college town definitely has a reputation that weaves between it’s surrounding cities. That being said, I was presently surprised considering the population isn’t anything to gasp at. This is NOT at all your non educated hick town in the south. The nature scene there may be a bit typical for someone who is used to seeing lots of trees and animals running around. But if you’re someone who’s spent the majority of your time on south west side of the US then the nature there will definitely be amazing. Any time you have a place with really cool nature scenes, that’s usually a pretty legit place to want to smoke. ¬†People from Greenville, may be reading this thinking “well duh…” but you have to really put yourself in the 3rd person on this one. Nobody really knows what, or where Greenville is unless you’ve grown up in NC, or close by.

If you ever find yourself high in Greenville, you have to stumble your ass over to this place called Sup-dog’s. Words can’t express how ridiculously munchie-worthy their nachos are. I can’t be the only one that thinks that, I’m seriously telling you they are the most amazing set of bar nachos you’re going to find. ¬†It’s very likely that you won’t be able to finish them because the order is pretty huge. But aside from that, the place just has a super chill vibe. It does sit in the “downtown” area of greenville, and it’s really hard to describe the vibe around there. I want to say that it will remind you of a Midwest downtown setting, but there are some bodies of water that surround the area so the air a lot of the time feels like you’re riverside. Point is… get high and go to sup-dogs.

One of the Cloud 9 Goddesses, Amber, is from Greenville, NC. I’ve never hung out with her there but she has had a pretty crazy time as her article describes. The weather can be amazinAmberg at times, the air quality there is a huuuuuge relief if you’re used to living in the valley cities, and the people are just peachy. Don’t think that North Carolina is filled with a bunch of confederates drinking beer, I mean yea I’m sure that’s happening but if you check out music festival schedules you’ll see that there are some pretty rad ones in the Tar Heel State.

The bottom line is that Greevnille,NC people are awesome, and the weed can be awesome as well, so check it out.We at Cloud 9 Goddess would love to hear from people in Greenville, and anything that the pirates would like to share about the cannabis scene in the area. Feel free to comment, and I hope that I’ve clearly stated why overall I rate Greenville 4/5 stars on the Cloud 9 friendly scale. Feel free to check out our other reviews, and happy smoking!


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