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Purple Haze

The very well known purple haze has been smoked by plenty, and is a favorite of our Cloud 9 Goddess Winner Amber. The reason why it’s her favorite is super simple, it’s one of the first strains that she’s ever smoked, and she loves the taste. I can’t deny that the taste is amazing but it’s my opinion that the buzz is better than the taste.

The purp is a sativa hybrid, which if you’re not aware is the type that usually gives people a functioning high with plenty of energy. Sativa is popular with people who like to live an active lifestyle and still walk around high. It’s been known to help people with creativity i.e. music an art. Mood enhancement and increased focus are often attributed to the high that purple haze provides as well.

Cloud 9 Goddess #1: Amber
Cloud 9 Goddess #1: Amber

The color is pretty distinctive as far as buds go. You will definitely see an abundance of different mixes of purple haze, some of which may produces some of the prettiest buds that you’ve ever seen. But if you’re going with #1 then you’re going to notice the extremely dark and rich purple that is contained in the bud itself. Just saying that though isn’t really enough to identify the difference, as the attribute is practically the same in purple diesel, ¬†sour purkle, purple lightning, and others. Just ask your local pro’s and they will have no problem helping you out.

As for the use of purple haze, this is definitely a daytime strain. I feel like we have yet to pick a night-time strain but that should show what kind of people are behind Cloud 9 Goddess. This bud will be recommended to you if you are a person that suffers from inflammation, stress, muscle spasms, or chronic pain. The high from purple haze will pretty much just make you happy and want to do shit. I for one think that this is fantastic before heading out for food. There’s just something about the after taste from the bud that mixes well with food. Oh, and red wine… definitely red wine. The inhale of purple haze will give you a pomegranate tease on your tongue, that is very abruptly followed up with a violet, tobacco, and barely skunk mix on the exhale. It’s very masterfully put together and I can’t blame anyone who says that this is their favorite daytime strain, or anytime strain in that matter.

Pax vaporizer
Pax vaporizer

Purple Haze is another one that I would say comes best out of a vaporizer like the Pax. Why?.. Savor the flavor. There’s something about the berry-ish beginning flavors that really stay in tact with these vapes. Yes a super awesome recycle bong would kinda get you there, but for myself… I’m choosing the Pax with this strain, or anything equivalent.

There’s a reason why this rounds Cloud 9 Goddess, Amber picked purple haze as her favorite, and I really can’t blame her. It’s a super easy strain to get a hold of, and it’s easy to run out and want to just get more. Consistency is key with a lot of people and purple haze is more than willing to be a sturdy wall to lean on time, and time again.





I give this strain a solid 3.8 stars, You?

Cloud 9 Goddess Score

Cloud 9 Goddess Score

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Feel free to check out our other strains of the week, and if you’ve smoked the purp, especially with the Pax , let us know what you think. ‘Til next time.





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