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Ohh Amber…

This being the infant stages of Cloud 9 Goddess, we had a good time picking the first Cloud 9 Goddess. As you’ll find out Amber is super fun. Not to mention a super sweet person, and just adorable. We try to find someone who is completely real and would make for the best smoking partner in the nation. Here’s a bit about the very 1st Cloud 9 Goddess, and you can find out for yourself why we chose her. This girl is from Greenville, NC, you can read our Cloud 9 friendly review of this town HERE. We gave it 4/5 stars.

SJ: Sir Jake

A: Amber


Hometown : Greenville, NC

College Currently: ECU (Eastern Carolina University) Go Pirates!

Age: 23

Height: 5’9″



amber2SJ: So Amber, congrats on being the first Cloud 9 Goddess. I have to ask, what is your favorite kind of bud?

A: Really, I just like good weed lol. I’m not super picky but if I had to pick I would say sativa. Purple haze specifically.

SJ: What is it that you like about purple haze or sativa so much?

A: I just like that I can do things, I smoke a lot so I need to be able to go through daily activities.

SJ: Nice nice, what’s your favorite thing to smoke out of?

A: A bong definitely. It gives the best hits and I just love taking big hits.

SJ: Right on, when was the first time you ever smoked?

A: I was actually at my brothers house with him and his friends. It was the eve of my 15th birthday, we smoked out of a 3 foot bong. Apparently I took my first rip like a champ, I didn’t cough or anything. And then I didn’t really start smoking on a regular basis until i was about 17. I have stomach issues so it really helps me out with that, and regulates my appetite.

SJ: Cool cool. I have to ask, whats your football team.

A: The Packers!

SJ: Perfect me too! So what’s up with ECU nowadays? I love Supdog’s, and Greenville in general, but whats your favorite place to go out and party there?

A: I would have to say 519.

SJ: Have you ever been to a strip club there?

A: Haha, yea I have. The first time I ever went was to this place called South 13. The girl that gave me a dance was actually really hot. She got pretty touchy and took a dollar out of my bra. The second time I went back, it was actually to work.

amber(1)SJ: Wait, so you went back to work at the strip club?

A: Yeaaaa, I did but it was just too much work, and not enough pay. So I just never went back after that.

SJ: How many girls would you say you’ve made out with in your life? lol

A: 6

SJ: That’s awesome. Ok, are you a boyshorts or thong girl?

A: I wear a lot of yoga pants, so thongs for sure.

SJ: What do guys usually comment on, about you and your body?

A: Basically eyes, my hair, my legs annnnddd tattoos.

SJ: What are 3 things that you look for in a guy?

A: Ummmm they have to be fit, respectful, and definitely funny.

SJ: For sure, are you a dogs or cats kinda girl?

A: dogs 100%

SJ: If you were stranded on an island for a year, and had to pick between taking music, or weed… which would you choose.

A: Definitely weed

SJ: What would you consider to be the most interesting thing about you?

A: Well people look at me and think that I’m a goody-two-shoes, and I’m not at all. So I’m really not how people usually just assume that I am.

SJ: Do you have any hidden talents?      

Greenville, NC bong
Elephant Bubbler

A: I’m a really good singer, I can sing anything but I really love singing country.

SJ: What’s your favorite season?

A: Fall

SJ: Whats your favorite munchie?

A: Oranges…. yes oranges.

SJ: Okay last question. I have to ask the Cloud 9 Goddess, whats a really interesting story about you being high? You seem like a pretty free spirit so let’s hear it.

A: Well it’s really hard to narrow that down, but the most interesting thing that comes to mind… I was in high school. We were going to head over to a party so before we went, we took some ecstasy. We kinda waited for it to kick in a bit, and right when we could start feeling it we went over to the party. When I got there I was REALLLYY starting to feel it and I had taken about 6 bong rips with everyone and then my mom called me. I had to answer it obviously, and I made everyone turn down the music and be really quiet. So there I was, tripping balls and suuuuper high trying to explain to my mom that I was just hanging out at my friends house.Cloud 9 Goddess Amber Everyone was laughing and I was trying to keep everyone quiet, she even asked at one point “Why is it so quiet there?!” LOL. Anyway I successfully managed to take a bong rip while she was on the phone and get away with it. I ended up taking 13 bong rips that night, and yes I remember this because I purposefully counted. That was probably the most ridiculous thing I’ve done while I was high.

SJ: Anything else that you would like to say to Cloud 9 Goddess readers?

A: You can follow me on insta @irelana13, and Happy smoking!



If you’re super chill and would like to submit to be Cloud 9 Goddess, please email info to . Happy smoking!

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