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Cloud 9 Goddess personnel are split between sativa/indica, this week’s strain is a sativa. If you’re not aware yet, that’s typically the type that doesn’t make you immediately feel like you want to go to sleep, and this strain is no different. Voodoo is usually prescribed or recommended for people who suffer from pain, anxiety, stress, and fatigue. Personally I would say this is a strain that you should get a hold of before you head out to a show or surfing. Lots of other people will tell you that it’s a great wake and bake, either is accurate.

voodoo weed


This is the type of strain that makes the sun just that much brighter,and music that much better. I haven’t heard too many people say that they have the munchies with the voodoo strain either, so it may be something that you would want to hit before your yoga routine. As with any strain there are lots of different versions of voodoo weed. I’m sure if you hit up your local dispensary you’ll see the OG, Purple, and white versions right off the bat. Most of the time you’re going to end up tasting a heavy sort of apple/cinnamon flavor, with earthy undertones. Without getting too technical on the chemistry make up on the voodoo strain, the best thing do to, as with any strain is to try it and see how you like it.

As I said earlier voodoo is my go to when I’m headed out to a show or a dinner or something active. I’m kinda particular about my smoking habits so I always use “The Dragon”. No, the piece isn’t called the dragon, but i bought it to specifically hit right before I go out, and I just kept using voodoo so we dubbed it “The Voodoo Dragon.” It’s a super convenient steamroller, and it’s a super design that has a really sweet color theme,  so it only made sense to get it. You can check it out HERE, and let us know what you guys think about the strain!

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