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Pax Vaporizer

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So this is a very interesting pick for Cloud 9 Goddess. We typically try to keep things fresh and unique, but with the Pax Vaporizer we had to just keep things simple. I was originally going to go with the Volcano Plenty Portable, but I really wanted to stay off of the Volcano bandwagon on this one and keep it cheaper for everyone. Yes the Plenty Pen has a lot of functions and its super analog with the settings, but when it comes to something that is dependable, sturdy, and allows you to have a super clean hit of herb, the Pax does a great job. ANNNND it’s about $100 cheaper.

It’s very important to note that this vape is for DRY HERBS, not anyyyyyyyything else. So don’t let your friends put their hash in there and clog things up. The pen is at a super comfy 4 inches, and you can tell just by holding it that it’s a reliable product. If you’re a gadget person and you know how to take things apart and modify them, then good for you. But the Pax Vaporizer doesn’t need anyone taking it apart, it’s a very user friendly, plug & play type piece. The hit that you’re getting is self explanatory if you’ve ever used a vape before. If you have not, then we here at Cloud 9 Goddess suggest that you go get one immediately. It’s completely different from any hit that you’ve taken from any other “smoking” device, just ask a friend that knows and they’ll tell you all about it.

pax vaporizer

There are some really sweet features on this little guy that are worth noting. As for the basics it’s going to take about 90 minutes for the battery to get fully charged, and you’re going to get about 5 loads from the charge. They’ve put a light on the pen so you can see when it’s ready to smoke, which is going to take around 30 seconds. My favorite thing is the motion sensor, it buts the vape into standby mode if you haven’t been messing with it for a while. You can also adjust your temperature settings super easy.

Probably not the most fun thing in the world, but certainly something that we don’t ever get to say is…..this piece has a 10 YEAR WARRANTY! A 10 YEAR WARRANTY PEOPLE! That means, even in the hand of some irresponsible stoners they will protect this thing. You can bet that they don’t feel like replacing these vapes every week, so you can see why they are so reliable. I’m not even kidding, when you hold the pen you kinda feel like you could throw it into a wall without even seeing a scratch afterwards. The Pax Vaporizer is the real deal, it’s going to hit you in the pocket with about $200 – $250, which in my opinion is a fantastic deal. We found the cheapest price HERE, which at the time of this article is $198. If you end up wanting to get the vape, let us know what you thought or if you already have it, feel free to tell us how awesome it is. I rated this little guy a solid 4.8. Check out the other Pieces Of The Week, and strains of the week. See ya next time and happy smoking!



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