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Grace Glass Spiral Bong W/ Perc

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Two bongs in a row I know, but this is a hard one to dismiss. Grace has definitely stepped their game up with this daily use item for sure. The Grace glass spiral bong 5mm thick glass, with a super comfy grip that makes you feel bad if you don’t use it once a day at least. Before we talk about function you just have to take a look at this thing, it’s gorgeous. There are a variety of colors that you can get it in. At the time of this review being written my favorite just from looks obviously is blue. There’s something about the way the sun hits the really fierce blue that just makes you stare. The whole piece is about 350mm tall, so it’s not super tall or super short, again… it’s just at that comfortable range where you want your daily piece to be. I want to say it looks a bit more modern, but not that extremely crazy look to it that makes you think it’s too much.

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The spiral percolator has this really awesome twist that really pairs well with the ice notch dome to make sure that the user gets a super cool hit every time. As long as you provide the ice obviously. The breaker on the Grace glass spiral bong is right there in the range that you want it to be. It really provides enough to make the piece sturdy, without making it uncomfortable to hold, or hoping that your friends don’t have sweaty hands that’ll make them drop the thing.

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As far as pricing goes, you’re going to see it for around $100-$150. What good would we be if we didn’t shop for you though. In this case ‘everyonedoesit.com’ took the cake in the cheapest price. They have a really sweet ‘free shipping’ thing going on at the time of this posting as well. So you can go check out the piece HERE , I rated this piece a 4.6, if you know anything else about this bong or you have something stellar to add, comment below and let us know. Check out our other pieces of the week, and strains of the week, and of course the Cloud 9 Goddesses. Follow us on insta @cloud9goddess, and facebook.com/cloud9goddess. Happy smoking!

Grace Glass Spiral Bong


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