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blue dream strain

Blue Dream

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This strain has been coming around so much lately that we had to say SOMETHING about it. Not to say that we weren’t going to anyway, good ole’ blue DEFINITELY ┬ádeserves it’s own week, as it is an excellent strain. If you haven’t seen, heard of, or smoked blue dream yet then you’re missing out.

blue dream strain cloud 9 goddess

It’s a miracle of a sativa that in my personal opinion makes for the best wake and bake a guy can dream of. Wake and bake how? I would recommend vape, if you’re running low on funds I would go with Sutra Dry Pen, or the Pax Vape Pen, which was the piece of the week last week. BUT, if you already have one, know someone who does, or have the funds then a volcano paired with blue dream, will make for THE BEST wake and bake anyone could ask for. I’m saying this partly because blue dream is one of those strains that you don’t want to ruin. The berry flavor really stays true when coming through a vape, and it’s super light when you’re not battling a carb.

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People will recommend blue dream to you if you tell them that you have pain, muscle spasms, and stress issues. Pretty much if you’ve had a bad day in any way, then take a drag of blue dream and see how you feel afterwards. It is a pretty sweet mix between blueberry indica and sativa haze, so the drag that you took may be followed by some munchies, and a pretty good attention span.

I never like getting scientific with strains but it is definitely worth noting that there is a pretty hefty amount of THC in the blue dream strain. So if you’ve narrowed down your favorite strains to those containing a high amount of THC then I would definitely say this is a pretty safe bet, and will no doubt be competing as your favorite strain soon. You can take a look at the other strains of the week HERE. If you end up getting blue dream or have already indulged yourself then feel free to comment, especially if you’ve experienced the vape + blue dream combo. See ya next week!

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  1. Blue Dream is the sniznittle bam snip snap sack! A wonderful high that lasts. I’ve come across batches that range in the 20% thc range that’ll punch you in the dick (ladies included). Definitely a slow-burning great smoke with a great flavor. I like this strain for its pain relief and it helps with my self diagnosed adhd. It is also a high yielder for those who are crafted in the cultivation department.

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