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The Black Leaf 5 chamber glass bubbler is a huge favorite around the Cloud 9 Goddess staff. If you’ve already smoked out of this amazing structure of art then you are already aware of the satisfaction that it brings both visually and internally. Black Leaf has done a really fantastic job with recycle feature piece. The honeycomb perc filters combined with the shower-head diffuser really make sure that you get a smooth rip with no downplay on flavor. If you’ve used a recycle feature rig in the past then you’ll be familiar with the constant coolness that they provide. You can rest assure that with this piece you won’t have burning lungs and throat afterwords.

These guys even went as far as to curve the mouthpiece so you can be comfortable as hell while hitting it. It’s just a very beautiful site to be honest. It does have a 14.5mm female glass herb bowl, a glass nail, and a vapor bowl. So it really does a good job in all covering all of the oil people as well. I’ve heard around and also seen on some reviews that people are a big fan of getting a screen to use with the flower bowl, so keep that in mind.

I’ve personally seen this around the marketplace for anywhere between $99-$130. I’m not sure what’s up with the varying prices but it is what it is.

If I had to absolutely come up with something that’s a negative with this piece, I would say the glass isn’t the thickest. But if you’re planning on just dropping in after you buy it then you shouldn’t be owning anything this beautiful anyway. You can check the piece out HERE, I rated it a 4.6, if you get it make sure you drop a comment and let us know what you think. Check out our other Pieces Of The Week, and let us know how you like those as well!

Piece of the Week is the Black Leaf 5 chamber glass bubbler.
Piece of the Week is the Black Leaf 5 chamber glass bubbler.

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